Commit 30088697 authored by Markus Betzinger's avatar Markus Betzinger

Bugfix calling radflo in cdnval.

parent f21edce0
......@@ -392,7 +392,7 @@ CONTAINS
IF ( atoms%nlo(n) > 0 ) THEN
DO ispin = jsp_start,jsp_end
CALL radflo(atoms,n,ispin, ello(1,1,ispin),vr(:,0,:,:), f(1,1,0,ispin),&
CALL radflo(atoms,n,ispin, ello(1,1,ispin),vr(:,0,n,ispin), f(1,1,0,ispin),&
g(1,1,0,ispin),mpi, usdus, uuilon,duilon,ulouilopn, flo(:,:,:,ispin))
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