Commit 45c1a185 authored by ua741532's avatar ua741532

An MPI_BARRIER added in cdnval.F90 to sinchronize RMA read.

parent 782158b4
......@@ -540,8 +540,10 @@ CONTAINS
#ifdef CPP_MPI
! Sinchronizes the RMA operations
if (l_evp) CALL MPI_BARRIER(mpi%mpi_comm,ie)
!IF (l_evp.AND.(isize.GT.1)) THEN
! eig(1:noccbd) = eig(n_start:n_end)
......@@ -158,17 +158,6 @@ c
< zmat=zmat)
#ifdef CPP_MPI
! The barrier here is not algorithmically required.
! Nevertheless it improves the performance, presumably because it
! synchronizes the processes and prevent the latency accumulating.
! U.Alekseeva 2015
!Note: this does not work, two problems:
! a) MPI_COMM_WORLD should not be used
! b) Not all processes might reach this point due to k-point parallelization
CALL timestop("cdn_read")
! IF (nbands>neigd) CALL juDFT_error("nbands.GT.neigd",calledby
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