Commit d80c25d8 authored by Gregor Michalicek's avatar Gregor Michalicek

Added missing dependency in cmake/Files_and_Targets.txt make inpgen compilable again after the last commit.
parent a04e6804
......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ init/tetcon.f init/kvecon.f
set(inpgen_F90 io/xsf_io.f90
global/types.F90 global/enpara.f90 global/chkmt.f90 inpgen/inpgen.f90 inpgen/set_inp.f90 io/rw_inp.f90 juDFT/juDFT.F90
juDFT/stop.F90 juDFT/args.F90 juDFT/time.F90 juDFT/init.F90 io/w_inpXML.f90 init/julia.f90 global/utility.F90
juDFT/stop.F90 juDFT/args.F90 juDFT/time.F90 juDFT/init.F90 juDFT/sysinfo.F90 io/w_inpXML.f90 init/julia.f90 global/utility.F90
init/compile_descr.F90 io/xmlOutput.F90 init/brzone2.f90)
set(fleur_SRC ${fleur_F90} ${fleur_F77})
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