Commit 58e76cab authored by Christoph Friedrich's avatar Christoph Friedrich

Merge branch 'master' into 'master'

removed md dep

See merge request spex/spex-docs!3
parents c249f54e 2afc8c98
......@@ -51,13 +51,9 @@ templates_path = ['_templates']
# The suffix(es) of source filenames.
# You can specify multiple suffix as a list of string:
from recommonmark.parser import CommonMarkParser
source_parsers = {
'.md': CommonMarkParser,
# source_suffix = ['.rst', '.md']
# source_suffix = '.rst'
source_suffix = ['.rst', '.md']
source_suffix = ['.rst']
# The master toctree document.
master_doc = 'index'
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