Commit 0d337d9d authored by Ingo Heimbach's avatar Ingo Heimbach

Added long pygments class names; `--syntax-highlight=long` can be used

for syntax highlighting
parent 3441aa30
......@@ -11,7 +11,8 @@ documents from reStructuredText files.
- ``: Patched version of `rst2latex` using the Listings package consistently for code
- `rst2html_githublike_fzj.css`: Stylesheet for `rst2html` fzj blue for strong emphasized text; Use the
`--syntax-highlight=short` option for `rst2html` to get proper syntax highlighting
- `rst2html_githublike_fzj.css`: Stylesheet for `rst2html` with fzj blue for strong emphasized text; Using
`--syntax-highlight=short` option with `rst2html` is recommended but long class names are also included in the this
CSS file
- `rst2latex_fzj.sty`: Style with fzj colors and a custom title page
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