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Commit ae8d81b7 authored by Ingo Meyer's avatar Ingo Meyer
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Fixed the `clean` target of the example Makefile

Before this commit, the fzj logo was not cleaned up.
parent 83d53292
......@@ -55,6 +55,6 @@ pdf: $(PDFFILES)
curl -o $@ -L https://iffwww.iff.kfa-juelich.de/pub/downloads/fz_logo/fz_logo_schutzzone.pdf
rm -f *.html *.pdf .rst2latex.sty .rst2html.css $(patsubst %.md,%.rst,$(MDFILES))
rm -f *.html *.pdf .rst2latex.sty .rst2html.css .fz_logo_schutzzone.pdf $(patsubst %.md,%.rst,$(MDFILES))
.PHONY: all clean html pdf
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