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  • 0.3.0   Added demos to the documentation.
    Release 0.3.0
    • Added demos to the documentation.
    • Rotations now work selfconsistent and always use right-handed coordinate systems.
    • Stylesheets now don't force LaTeX anymore.
    • Fixed a bug in the clipping function of Field.
    • Python 3.6 support.
  • 0.2.1   Fixes and quality of life updates!
    Release 0.2.1

    Changes & Additions:

    • Added some more documentations, added io.rst.
    • Converted scale to floats everywhere it is set by default.
    • Changed default behaviour of create_vector_homog:
      • 3D Fields now always have 3 components and theta is set to pi/2 (in-plane) by default.
      • 2D Fields have 2 components per default, a third can be added if theta is specified.
    • Added comp_pos argument to from_signal method, that can be used to specify which axis holds the components and is also usable by the load_field function (useful for backwards compatibilty with Pyramid).
    • vectors.py:
      • More documentations and more fine control over vector and skyrmion chirality and orientation.
      • Also fixed create_vector_singularity.
    • colors: Added a namespace for colormaps (instead of a dictionary) to ease access to the maps.
      • CMAP_CIRCULAR_DEFAULT is therefore deprecated now!
    • plot2d:
      • significantly simplified the symmetric color map handling with DivergingNorm (which was built for exactly that).


    • Several smaller bug-fixes in IO.
    • Removed superfluous enumeration in reader/writer in io_field.
    • Fixed vector default and name saving in ovf.py.
    • Fixed vector default and necessity of dim in tec.py.
    • Fixed erronous dim -> scale assignment in vtk.py.
    • Fixed interp_to_regular_grid not using the multidim. scale correctly.
  • 0.2.0   3D Plotting and IO
    Release 0.2.0
    • Added 3D plotting capabilities.
    • Added I/O support for many file formats and transfer to HyperSpy signals.
    • Many smaller fixes and additions.
  • 0.1.0   This release contains the `fields` and `vis` subpackage and their respective functionalities.
    Release 0.1.0

    First pre-release with functionality of the Field class and 2D visualisation already in!

  • 0.0.1   Fixed bug that mplstyles were not bundled in distribution.
    Release 0.0.1

    Fixed bug that mplstyles were not bundled in distribution.

  • 0.0.0   First (visible) try to push to PyPI! NOT a real release yet.
    2242ede7 · Update setup.cfg ·