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Commit ae483706 authored by Tobias ferrari's avatar Tobias ferrari
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added checkboxes in rst2latex

parent 69441cfd
......@@ -32,11 +32,11 @@ class RSTCheckBox(Directive):
html += "</ul>"
return [nodes.raw("", html, format="html")]
latex = "\\begin{itemize}\n"
latex = "\\begin{todolist}"
for line in lines:
if "- [ ]" in line:
latex += "\\item" + line[6:] + "\n"
elif "- [x]" in line:
latex += "\\item" + line[6:] + "\n"
latex += "\\end{itemize}"
latex += "\\item[\\checked]" + line[6:] + "\n"
latex += "\\end{todolist}"
return [nodes.raw("", latex, format="latex")]
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