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# Welcome to the FLEUR-project

This is the homepage of FLEUR, a feature-full, freely available FLAPW (full potential linearized augmented planewave) code, based on density-functional theory.

The FLAPW-Method (Full Potential Linearized Augmented Plane Wave Method) is an all-electron method which within density functional theory is universally applicable to all atoms of the periodic table and to systems with compact as well as open structures. It is widely considered to be the most precise electronic structure method in solid state physics. 

FLEUR is one of the flagship codes of the MaX-Centre of Excellence. Within MaX we aim at creating a new FLEUR version fit for the challenges of high-throughput and exascale computing.

Please feel free to [download]( and [run our code](

Fleur is part of the [juDFT family]( of codes developed in Jülich.