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\mainpage Welcome to the developers documentation of FLEUR

These pages are complementing the <A HREF=""> User documentation </A> in which the actual use of FLEUR is documented.

Here we collect information useful for developers or advanced users that actually will modify the source code.

## GitLab
The development process is performed using gitlab. You can access the  <A HREF=""> main gitlab page here.</A>

If you checkout the code please be aware that there are several branches. The release branch contains the code of the last release published on  <A HREF=""> the FLEUR webpage</A>. You can *not* push to this branch directly.
You probably want to use the development branch to insert your changes. If your changes are large, it might be a good idea to create your own branch first.

## More info
In the menu to the left you will find information on various topics as well as the links to the source-code documentation.