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    Commented out OpenMP parallelization in vgen/mpmom.F90 (again) · 4f5fd8af
    Gregor Michalicek authored
    I already commented this out in commit 415885af.
    I don't know who commented it in again, but the problem with this parallelization is
    not solved. With ifort 18 I obtain for the CuBulkXML test with this parallelization
    a qlmp(0,0,1) of (1.490549732270697E+307,-2.695127599127286E-033). Without the
    parallelization it looks okay: (0.990659014383078,-2.695127599127286E-033). It may
    be that only the 0,0,1 element is affected. But this should be checked before the
    parallelization is commented in again.
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