Commit 0aea6a95 authored by Daniel Wortmann's avatar Daniel Wortmann

Merge branch 'stable' into 'develop'

# Conflicts:
#   eigen/eigen.F90
parents 992f0a79 37a445c8
......@@ -38,22 +38,22 @@ CONTAINS
!up-up component (or only component in collinear case)
IF (SIZE(mat)==1) THEN
CALL mat_final%move(mat(1,1))
!CALL mat(1,1)%free()
CALL mat(1,1)%free()
CALL mat_final%copy(mat(1,1),1,1)
!CALL mat(1,1)%free()
CALL mat(1,1)%free()
!down-down component
CALL mat_final%copy(mat(2,2),lapw%nv(1)+atoms%nlotot+1,lapw%nv(1)+atoms%nlotot+1)
!CALL mat(2,2)%free()
CALL mat(2,2)%free()
!Now collect off-diagonal parts
CALL mat(1,2)%add_transpose(mat(2,1))
CALL mat_final%copy(mat(1,2),1,lapw%nv(1)+atoms%nlotot+1)
!CALL mat(1,2)%free()
!CALL mat(2,1)%free()
CALL mat(1,2)%free()
CALL mat(2,1)%free()
END SUBROUTINE eigen_redist_matrix
END MODULE m_eigen_redist_matrix
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ CONTAINS
PRINT *," Welcome to FLEUR - inpgen ( "
PRINT *," MaX-Release 2.1 ("
PRINT *," MaX-Release 3.0 ("
IF (.NOT. juDFT_was_argument("-h")) RETURN
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