Commit 129cb555 authored by Gregor Michalicek's avatar Gregor Michalicek

Allocate vCoul%pw_w such that its number of spin dimensions is the number of spin dimensions

Due to the former reduced dimension of this array we had a nasty bug in writing it out.
parent d0c0e47e
......@@ -66,9 +66,10 @@ CONTAINS
ALLOCATE( vTot%pw_w(size(vTot%pw,1),size(vTot%pw,2)) )
ALLOCATE( vTot%pw_w(size(vTot%pw,1),size(vTot%pw,2)))
vCoul%pw_w = CMPLX(0.0,0.0)
CALL workDen%init(stars,atoms,sphhar,vacuum,noco,input%jspins,0)
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