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Commit 17653580 authored by Daniel Wortmann's avatar Daniel Wortmann
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Source files changed again

parent 50621631
ml GCC Python ParaStationMPI
ml purge
ml CMake GCC Python ParaStationMPI
ml OpenBLAS
export FC=mpif90
ml purge
ml use /usr/local/software/jureca/OtherStages
ml Stages/2016a
ml intel-para HDF5 ELPA/2015.11.001-hybrid Python
ml CMake intel-para HDF5 ELPA/2015.11.001-hybrid Python
ml purge
ml PGI MVAPICH2 libxml2/.2.9.4 imkl
ml CMake PGI MVAPICH2 libxml2/.2.9.4 imkl
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