Commit 23708d9a authored by Gregor Michalicek's avatar Gregor Michalicek

Cured segmentation fault error symptom in cdnval

In some calculations a segmentation fault occured when the we and eig arrays in
cdnval were allocated. No reason for this was identified. Every parameter was
harmless. To avoid the occurence of this error at this place I just moved
these arrays to the stack. It seems to help and up to now no other error at a
different place occured.
parent 7d664661
......@@ -94,8 +94,8 @@ SUBROUTINE cdnval(eig_id, mpi,kpts,jspin,noco,input,banddos,cell,atoms,enpara,st
LOGICAL :: l_orbcomprot, l_real, l_dosNdir, l_corespec
! Local Arrays
REAL :: we(MAXVAL(cdnvalJob%noccbd(:kpts%nkpt)))
REAL :: eig(MAXVAL(cdnvalJob%noccbd(:kpts%nkpt)))
REAL, ALLOCATABLE :: f(:,:,:,:),g(:,:,:,:),flo(:,:,:,:) ! radial functions
TYPE (t_lapw) :: lapw
......@@ -171,8 +171,7 @@ SUBROUTINE cdnval(eig_id, mpi,kpts,jspin,noco,input,banddos,cell,atoms,enpara,st
skip_tt = dot_product(enpara%skiplo(:atoms%ntype,jspin),atoms%neq(:atoms%ntype))
IF (noco%l_soc.OR.noco%l_noco) skip_tt = 2 * skip_tt
ALLOCATE (we(MAXVAL(cdnvalJob%noccbd(:))))
ALLOCATE (eig(MAXVAL(cdnvalJob%noccbd(:))))
jsp = MERGE(1,jspin,noco%l_noco)
DO ikpt = cdnvalJob%ikptStart, cdnvalJob%nkptExtended, cdnvalJob%ikptIncrement
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