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Commit 23827ece authored by Uliana Alekseeva's avatar Uliana Alekseeva
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PGI flags added

parent 586c1b62
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ elseif(${CMAKE_Fortran_COMPILER_ID} MATCHES "PGI")
message("PGI Fortran detected")
set(CMAKE_SHARED_LIBRARY_LINK_Fortran_FLAGS "") #fix problem in cmake
set(CMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS "${CMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS} -mp")
set(CMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS "${CMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS} -mp -Mr8 -Mr8intrinsics")
#set(CMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS "${CMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS} -mp -Mcuda=cuda9.0,cc60 -Mcudalib=cublas")
#set(CMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS "${CMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS} -mp -Mcuda:kepler+ -ta:tesla:cuda7.5 -DUSE_STREAMS -DNUM_STREAMS=${N_STREAMS} -Minfo=accel -acc")
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