Commit 2712fa64 authored by Gregor Michalicek's avatar Gregor Michalicek
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Rewrote chkmt.f90.

This commit introduces the new chkmt.f90. Besides some exceptions this
new routine should yield the same results as the old one. With a runtime
scaling of O(N_atoms) it overcomes the bad O(N_atoms^4) scaling of the
old pendant.
parent 4b05079c
......@@ -36,7 +36,8 @@ global/constants.f inpgen/element.f inpgen/atom_input.f inpgen/crystal.f inpgen/
inpgen/atom_sym.f inpgen/generator.f inpgen/read_record.f inpgen/soc_or_ssdw.f inpgen/symproperties.f
inpgen/bravais_symm.f inpgen/set_atom_core.f inpgen/spg_gen.f global/triang.f
inpgen/closure.f inpgen/lapw_input.f inpgen/struct_input.f inpgen/write_struct.f
global/hybridmix.f io/calculator.f global/ss_sym.f global/soc_sym.f math/inv3.f io/rw_symfile.f
global/hybridmix.f io/calculator.f global/ss_sym.f global/soc_sym.f math/inv3.f io/rw_symfile.f
set(inpgen_F90 io/xsf_io.f90
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -96,6 +96,7 @@
oneD%odd%k3 = 0 ; oneD%odd%M =0 ; oneD%odd%nn2d = 1
atoms%nat = atoms%natd ! This is preliminary. The value of nat changes later.
ALLOCATE ( atoms%nz(atoms%ntypd),atoms%relax(3,atoms%ntypd),atoms%nlhtyp(atoms%ntype))
ALLOCATE ( sphhar%clnu(sphhar%memd,0:sphhar%nlhd,sphhar%ntypsd),stars%ustep(stars%n3d) )
ALLOCATE ( stars%ig(-stars%k1d:stars%k1d,-stars%k2d:stars%k2d,-stars%k3d:stars%k3d),stars%ig2(stars%n3d),stars%igz(stars%n3d) )
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