Commit 3665fc0a authored by Frank Freimuth's avatar Frank Freimuth

Update wann_updown.F

parent 285ed84f
......@@ -434,6 +434,12 @@ cccccccccccc read in the eigenvalues and vectors cccccc
CALL judft_error("TODO:wann_updown")
! call cdn_read0(eig_id,irank,isize,jspin,jspd,l_noco,
! < ello,evac,epar,wk,n_bands,n_size)
CALL cdn_read0(eig_id,mpi%irank,mpi%isize,jspin5,
> input%jspins, !wannierspin instead of DIMENSION%jspd?&
> noco%l_noco, n_bands,n_size)
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