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Commit 3d5bd181 authored by Gregor Michalicek's avatar Gregor Michalicek
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Correct wrong indexing of v%mmpMat in eigen/tlmplm_cholesky.F90

parent 1f5744da
......@@ -276,8 +276,8 @@ MODULE m_tlmplm_cholesky
lm = l* (l+1) + m
DO mp = -lp,lp
lmp = lp* (lp+1) + mp
td%h_loc(lm,lmp,n,jsp) =td%h_loc(lm,lmp,n,jsp) + v%mmpMat(l,lp,i_u,jsp)
td%h_loc(lm+s,lmp+s,n,jsp) =td%h_loc(lm+s,lmp+s,n,jsp)+ v%mmpMat(l,lp,i_u,jsp)*ud%ddn(lp,n,jsp)
td%h_loc(lm,lmp,n,jsp) =td%h_loc(lm,lmp,n,jsp) + v%mmpMat(m,mp,i_u,jsp)
td%h_loc(lm+s,lmp+s,n,jsp) =td%h_loc(lm+s,lmp+s,n,jsp)+ v%mmpMat(m,mp,i_u,jsp)*ud%ddn(lp,n,jsp)
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