Commit 40cf503c authored by Daniel Wortmann's avatar Daniel Wortmann
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Removed output to stdout for reading of q-vectors in force-theorem setups

parent 0f3a8f31
...@@ -2344,11 +2344,11 @@ input%preconditioning_param = evaluateFirstOnly(xmlGetAttributeValue('/fleurInpu ...@@ -2344,11 +2344,11 @@ input%preconditioning_param = evaluateFirstOnly(xmlGetAttributeValue('/fleurInpu
n=xmlGetNumberOfNodes(TRIM(ADJUSTL(path))//'/q') n=xmlGetNumberOfNodes(TRIM(ADJUSTL(path))//'/q')
ALLOCATE(q(3,n)) ALLOCATE(q(3,n))
DO i = 1, n DO i = 1, n
PRINT *, path,'/q[',i,']' !PRINT *, path,'/q[',i,']'
WRITE(xPathA,"(a,a,i0,a)") TRIM(ADJUSTL(path)),'/q[',i,']' WRITE(xPathA,"(a,a,i0,a)") TRIM(ADJUSTL(path)),'/q[',i,']'
PRINT *,xpatha !PRINT *,xpatha
valueString = TRIM(ADJUSTL(xmlGetAttributeValue(TRIM(ADJUSTL(xPathA))))) valueString = TRIM(ADJUSTL(xmlGetAttributeValue(TRIM(ADJUSTL(xPathA)))))
PRINT *,"Q:",valueString !PRINT *,"Q:",valueString
READ(valueString,*) q(1,i),q(2,i),q(3,i) READ(valueString,*) q(1,i),q(2,i),q(3,i)
END FUNCTION priv_read_q_list END FUNCTION priv_read_q_list
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