Commit 43525d6a authored by Matthias Redies's avatar Matthias Redies

drop obsolete

parent e5053298
......@@ -77,22 +77,6 @@ contains
END SUBROUTINE open_hybinp_io2
subroutine write_cmt(cmt, nk)
implicit none
complex, INTENT(IN):: cmt(:, :, :)
integer, INTENT(IN):: nk
write(777, rec=nk) cmt
end subroutine write_cmt
subroutine read_cmt(cmt, nk)
implicit none
complex, INTENT(OUT):: cmt(:, :, :)
integer, INTENT(IN):: nk
read(777, rec=nk) cmt
end subroutine read_cmt
subroutine write_coulomb(nk, l_real, coulomb)
implicit none
complex, intent(in) :: coulomb(:)
......@@ -233,14 +217,6 @@ contains
call timestop("read_z")
END subroutine read_z
subroutine write_z(mat, rec)
implicit none
TYPE(t_mat), INTENT(IN) :: mat
!print *,"write z:",rec
CALL write_matrix(mat, rec, id_z)
END subroutine write_z
subroutine read_v_x(mat, rec)
implicit none
TYPE(t_mat), INTENT(INOUT):: mat
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