Commit 49c973f8 authored by Uliana Alekseeva's avatar Uliana Alekseeva

Each process writes to itself in eig66_mpi case

parent cd5410ec
...@@ -384,7 +384,8 @@ CONTAINS ...@@ -384,7 +384,8 @@ CONTAINS
DO nk=1,nkpts DO nk=1,nkpts
n1=nk+(j-1)*nkpts-1 n1=nk+(j-1)*nkpts-1
!eigenvectors have more entries !eigenvectors have more entries
pe=MOD(n1,n_members)*n_size+MOD(n,n_size) !pe=MOD(n1,n_members)*n_size+MOD(n,n_size)
d%pe_ev(nk,j,n)=pe d%pe_ev(nk,j,n)=pe
d%slot_ev(nk,j,n)=used(pe) d%slot_ev(nk,j,n)=used(pe)
used(pe)=used(pe)+1 used(pe)=used(pe)+1
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