Commit 4d340c39 authored by Matthias Redies's avatar Matthias Redies

fixed typos

parent f70884dc
......@@ -136,8 +136,8 @@ CONTAINS
! multiply potentials with r^2, because mt_to_grid is made for densities,
! which are stored with a factor r^2
DO jr=1,atmos%jri(n)
vTot%mt(jr,0:,n,:) = vTot(jr,0:,n,:)*atoms%rmsh(jr,n)**2
DO jr=1,atoms%jri(n)
vTot%mt(jr,0:,n,:) = vTot%mt(jr,0:,n,:) * atoms%rmsh(jr,n)**2
CALL mt_to_grid(xcpot, input%jspins, atoms,sphhar,vTot%mt(:,0:,n,:),nsp,n,tmp_grad,vTot_rs)
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