Commit 4fd491c3 authored by Daniel Wortmann's avatar Daniel Wortmann

Small bugfix: hybrid and old inp file no longer supported

parent e7a12603
......@@ -508,8 +508,8 @@
WRITE (chntype,'(i4)') 2*atoms%ntype
chform = '('//chntype//'i3 )'
READ (UNIT=5,FMT=chform,END=99,ERR=99) &
& (atoms%lnonsph(n),n=1,atoms%ntype),(hybrid%lcutwf(n),n=1,atoms%ntype)
WRITE (6,FMT=chform) (atoms%lnonsph(n),n=1,atoms%ntype),(hybrid%lcutwf(n),n=1,atoms%ntype)
& (atoms%lnonsph(n),n=1,atoms%ntype)!,(hybrid%lcutwf(n),n=1,atoms%ntype)
WRITE (6,FMT=chform) (atoms%lnonsph(n),n=1,atoms%ntype)!,(hybrid%lcutwf(n),n=1,atoms%ntype)
6010 FORMAT (25i3)
READ (UNIT=5,FMT=6010,END=99,ERR=99) nw,obsolete%lepr
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