Commit 51014711 authored by Gregor Michalicek's avatar Gregor Michalicek

Fix wrong length of array operation in hybrid/exchange_core.F90

parent 8f9e72b1
......@@ -496,8 +496,8 @@ CONTAINS
CALL primitivef(primf1, rprod(:)*atoms%rmsh(:, itype)**(ll + 1), atoms%rmsh, atoms%dx, atoms%jri, atoms%jmtd, itype, atoms%ntype)
CALL primitivef(primf2, rprod(:atoms%jri(itype))/atoms%rmsh(:atoms%jri(itype), itype)**ll, atoms%rmsh, atoms%dx, atoms%jri, atoms%jmtd, -itype, atoms%ntype) ! -itype is to enforce inward integration
primf1 = primf1/atoms%rmsh(:, itype)**ll
primf2 = primf2*atoms%rmsh(:, itype)**(ll + 1)
primf1(:atoms%jri(itype)) = primf1(:atoms%jri(itype))/atoms%rmsh(:atoms%jri(itype), itype)**ll
primf2(:atoms%jri(itype)) = primf2(:atoms%jri(itype))*atoms%rmsh(:atoms%jri(itype), itype)**(ll + 1)
DO n1 = 1, hybdat%nindxc(l1, itype)
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