Commit 55ffe624 authored by Matthias Redies's avatar Matthias Redies

add more inits to greensf

parent 102d8627
......@@ -29,8 +29,8 @@ MODULE m_types_greensf
!Energy contour parameters
INTEGER :: mode = -1 !Determines the shape of the contour (more information in kkintgr.f90)
INTEGER :: nz !number of points in the contour
INTEGER :: nmatsub
INTEGER :: nz = 0 !number of points in the contour
INTEGER :: nmatsub = 0
!array for energy contour
COMPLEX, ALLOCATABLE :: e(:) !energy points
......@@ -608,4 +608,4 @@ MODULE m_types_greensf
END MODULE m_types_greensf
\ No newline at end of file
END MODULE m_types_greensf
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