Commit 57df0590 authored by Matthias Redies's avatar Matthias Redies
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delete old norm

parent 56c1005f
......@@ -496,22 +496,4 @@ CONTAINS
end function calc_selecmat
function calc_radbas_norm(atoms, mpbasis, l, i_basfn, itype, gridf) result(norm)
USE m_intgrf, ONLY: intgrf
use m_types
implicit NONE
type(t_atoms), intent(in) :: atoms
type(t_mpbasis), intent(in) :: mpbasis
integer, intent(in) :: l, i_basfn, itype
real, intent(in) :: gridf(:,:)
real :: norm
norm = SQRT( &
intgrf(mpbasis%radbasfn_mt(:,i_basfn, l, itype)**2, &
itype, gridf)&
end function calc_radbas_norm
END MODULE m_mixedbasis
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