Commit 5a4c2439 authored by Daniel Wortmann's avatar Daniel Wortmann

PGI compiler can not read types correctly. Hence reading of history is disabled.

parent a6fccc44
...@@ -31,6 +31,9 @@ CONTAINS ...@@ -31,6 +31,9 @@ CONTAINS
INQUIRE(file=filename,exist=l_fileexist) INQUIRE(file=filename,exist=l_fileexist)
IF (.NOT.l_fileexist) RETURN !No previous data IF (.NOT.l_fileexist) RETURN !No previous data
#ifdef __PGI
PRINT *,"Warning PGI compiler does not support reading of history"
OPEN(888,file=filename,status='old',form='unformatted') OPEN(888,file=filename,status='old',form='unformatted')
READ(888) iter_stored READ(888) iter_stored
IF (.NOT.ALLOCATED(sm_store)) ALLOCATE(sm_store(maxiter),fsm_store(maxiter)) IF (.NOT.ALLOCATED(sm_store)) ALLOCATE(sm_store(maxiter),fsm_store(maxiter))
...@@ -39,6 +42,7 @@ CONTAINS ...@@ -39,6 +42,7 @@ CONTAINS
READ(888) fsm_store(n) READ(888) fsm_store(n)
CLOSE(888) CLOSE(888)
END SUBROUTINE mixing_history_open END SUBROUTINE mixing_history_open
SUBROUTINE mixing_history_close(mpi) SUBROUTINE mixing_history_close(mpi)
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