Commit 5a74619b authored by Matthias Redies's avatar Matthias Redies

update rfft

parent 765db73a
...@@ -16,13 +16,13 @@ math/outint.f ...@@ -16,13 +16,13 @@ math/outint.f
math/points.f math/points.f
math/qranf.f math/qranf.f
math/qsf.f math/qsf.f
math/sphbes.f math/sphbes.f
math/sphpts.f math/sphpts.f
math/util.F math/util.F
math/difcub.f math/difcub.f
) )
set(fleur_F90 ${fleur_F90} set(fleur_F90 ${fleur_F90}
math/differentiate.f90 math/differentiate.f90
math/fft2d.F90 math/fft2d.F90
math/fft3d.f90 math/fft3d.f90
This diff is collapsed.
This diff is collapsed.
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