Commit 5bab5416 authored by Daniel Wortmann's avatar Daniel Wortmann
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Bugfix:Update Files_and_Targets.txt

parent 75a8b20f
......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ inpgen/closure.f inpgen/lapw_input.f inpgen/struct_input.f inpgen/write_struct.
io/calculator.f global/ss_sym.f global/soc_sym.f math/inv3.f io/rw_symfile.f
global/sort.f init/kptgen_hybrid.f init/od_kptsgen.f init/bravais.f init/divi.f init/brzone.f
init/kptmop.f init/kpttet.f init/bandstr1.F init/ordstar.f init/fulstar.f init/kprep.f
init/tetcon.f init/kvecon.f init/boxdim.f math/ylm4.f global/radsra.F math/intgr.F global/differ.f math/inwint.f
init/tetcon.f init/kvecon.f init/boxdim.f math/ylm4.f global/radsra.f math/intgr.F global/differ.f math/inwint.f
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