Commit 603b0bac authored by Frank Freimuth's avatar Frank Freimuth

Update wann_uHu.F

parent f316c8cc
......@@ -851,7 +851,7 @@ c uHuold = cmplx(0.,0.)
c...compute the l-dependent, k-independent radial MT- basis functions
call radfun(
> l,n,jspin4,enpara%el0(l,n,jspin2),vr(1,n,jspin3),atoms,
> l,n,jspin4,enpara%el0(l,n,jspin3),vr(1,n,jspin3),atoms,
< ff(n,:,:,l,jspin4),gg(n,:,:,l,jspin4),usdus,
< nodeu,noded,wronk)
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