Commit 61d66dbc authored by Daniel Wortmann's avatar Daniel Wortmann

Bugfix for commit d53aa089

parent 8010cf4a
...@@ -81,12 +81,6 @@ CONTAINS ...@@ -81,12 +81,6 @@ CONTAINS
CALL vCoul%copy_both_spin(vTot) CALL vCoul%copy_both_spin(vTot)
vCoul%mt(:,:,:,input%jspins)=vCoul%mt(:,:,:,1) vCoul%mt(:,:,:,input%jspins)=vCoul%mt(:,:,:,1)
DO ispin = 1, input%jspins
DO i = 1, stars%ng3
vcoul%pw(i,ispin) = vcoul%pw(i,ispin) / stars%nstr(i)
vcoul%pw_w(i,ispin) = vcoul%pw_w(i,ispin) / stars%nstr(i) !this normalization is needed for gw
IF (noco%l_noco) THEN IF (noco%l_noco) THEN
CALL denRot%init(stars,atoms,sphhar,vacuum,input%jspins,noco%l_noco,0) CALL denRot%init(stars,atoms,sphhar,vacuum,input%jspins,noco%l_noco,0)
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