Commit 65e7bc60 authored by Gregor Michalicek's avatar Gregor Michalicek
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Fix polar plotting feature switch

parent 2b969166
......@@ -174,7 +174,7 @@ SUBROUTINE plotdop(oneD,dimension,stars,vacuum,sphhar,atoms,&
! Open the plot_inp file for input
OPEN (18,file='plot_inp')
READ(18,'(i2,5x,l1,a)') nplot,xsf,textline
READ(18,'(i2,5x,l1,1x,a)') nplot,xsf,textline
polar = .FALSE.
IF ((noco%l_noco).AND.(numInFiles.EQ.4)) THEN
polar = (textline(1:7)=='polar=T').OR.(textline(1:7)=='polar=t')
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