Commit 6b09da90 authored by Daniel Wortmann's avatar Daniel Wortmann

Bugfixes for juqueen

parent 35c61a6f
...@@ -735,10 +735,9 @@ ...@@ -735,10 +735,9 @@
#ifdef CPP_MPI #ifdef CPP_MPI
CALL MPI_BCAST(enpara%evac0,SIZE(enpara%evac0),MPI_DOUBLE_PRECISION,0,mpi%mpi_comm,ierr) CALL MPI_BCAST(enpara%evac0,SIZE(enpara%evac0),MPI_DOUBLE_PRECISION,0,mpi%mpi_comm,ierr)
CALL MPI_BCAST(enpara%el0,SIZE(enpara%el0),MPI_DOUBLE_PRECISION,0,mpi%mpi_comm,ierr) CALL MPI_BCAST(enpara%el0,SIZE(enpara%el0),MPI_DOUBLE_PRECISION,0,mpi%mpi_comm,ierr)
& CALL MPI_BCAST(enpara%ello0,SIZE(enpara%ello0),MPI_DOUBLE_PRECISION,0,mpi%mpi_comm,ierr)
CALL MPI_BCAST(enpara%ello0,SIZE(enpara%ello0),MPI_DOUBLE_PRECISION,0,mpi%mpi_comm,ierr)
& IF (noco%l_noco) THEN
IF (noco%l_noco) THEN
DO n= 1,atoms%ntype DO n= 1,atoms%ntype
IF (noco%l_relax(n)) THEN IF (noco%l_relax(n)) THEN
CALL MPI_BCAST(noco%alph(n),1,MPI_DOUBLE_PRECISION,0,mpi%mpi_comm,ierr) CALL MPI_BCAST(noco%alph(n),1,MPI_DOUBLE_PRECISION,0,mpi%mpi_comm,ierr)
...@@ -583,9 +583,8 @@ CONTAINS ...@@ -583,9 +583,8 @@ CONTAINS
! White-Bird-trick ! White-Bird-trick
WRITE(6,'('' W+B trick cancelled out. visxcwb uses at'',& WRITE(6,'(a)') "W+B trick cancelled out. visxcwb uses at present common block cpgft3.",&
'' present common block cpgft3. visxcwb needs'',/,& "visxcwb needs to be reprogrammed according to visxcg.f"
'' to be reprogrammed according to visxcg.f'')')
CALL juDFT_error("visxcwb",calledby ="vgen") CALL juDFT_error("visxcwb",calledby ="vgen")
!sb CALL visxcwb( !sb CALL visxcwb(
!sb > qpw,kimax,igfft,pgfft,ufft, !sb > qpw,kimax,igfft,pgfft,ufft,
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