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Commit 6ee9fc7b authored by Frank Freimuth's avatar Frank Freimuth
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Update eig66_hdf.F90: z(:,i) = CMPLX( z1(1,:,1) ,z1(2,:,1) ) in line 321 instead of

the previous  z(:,i) = CMPLX( z1(1,:,i) ,z1(2,:,i) ) avoids getting error message "3-rd index is 2 but upper bound
is 1" when doing array-bound-checking    
parent 9ca630e3
......@@ -318,7 +318,7 @@ CONTAINS
DO i=1,SIZE(list)
CALL io_read_real3(d%evsetid,(/1,1,list(i),nk,jspin/),&
& (/2,nmat,1,1,1/),z1)
z(:,i) = CMPLX( z1(1,:,i) ,z1(2,:,i) )
z(:,i) = CMPLX( z1(1,:,1) ,z1(2,:,1) )
END SUBROUTINE priv_r_vecc
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