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MKL fft interface added.

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MODULE m_fft_interface
use m_cfft
use m_juDFT
#ifdef CPP_FFT_MKL
use mkl_dfti
subroutine fft_interface(dimen,length,dat,forw)
! provides interfaces to ftt subroutines
integer, intent(in) :: dimen !dimension of fft transformation
integer, intent(in) :: length(dimen) !length of data in each direction
complex, intent(inout) :: dat(:) !data to be transformed, size(dat) should be sum(length)
logical, intent(in) :: forw !.true. for the forward transformation, .false. for the backward one
#ifdef CPP_FFT_MKL
type(dfti_descriptor),pointer :: dfti_handle
integer :: dfti_status
real,allocatable :: afft(:),bfft(:)
integer :: isn
integer :: size_dat,i
size_dat = 1
do i = 1,dimen
size_dat = size_dat * length(i)
if (size(dat) .ne. size_dat) call juDFT_error('array bounds are inconsistent',calledby ='fft_interface')
if (dimen .ne. 3 ) call juDFT_error('sorry, not implemented yet for this value of dimen',calledby ='fft_interface')
#ifdef CPP_FFT_MKL
!using MKL library
dfti_status = DftiCreateDescriptor(dfti_handle,dfti_double,dfti_complex,3,length)
dfti_status = DftiCommitDescriptor(dfti_handle)
if (forw) then
dfti_status = DftiComputeForward(dfti_handle,dat)
dfti_status = DftiComputeBackward(dfti_handle,dat)
end if
dfti_status = DftiFreeDescriptor(dfti_handle)
afft = real(dat)
bfft = aimag(dat)
if (forw) then
isn = -1
isn = 1
end if
CALL cfft(afft,bfft,size_dat,length(1),length(1),isn)
CALL cfft(afft,bfft,size_dat,length(2),length(1)*length(2),isn)
CALL cfft(afft,bfft,size_dat,length(3),size_dat,isn)
dat = cmplx(afft,bfft)
end subroutine fft_interface
END MODULE m_fft_interface
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