Commit 74f5622a authored by Matthias Redies's avatar Matthias Redies

add file to be used later

parent 0f37b722
module m_ex_to_vx
subroutine ex_to_vx()
use m_juDFT
implicit none
CALL timestart("time for performing T^-1*mat_ex*T^-1*")
!calculate trafo from wavefunctions to APW basis
IF (input%neig < hybdat%nbands(nk)) call judft_error(' mhsfock: neigd < nbands(nk) ;trafo from wavefunctions to APW requires at least nbands(nk)')
call olap%multiply(z, trafo)
CALL invtrafo%alloc(olap%l_real, hybdat%nbands(nk), nbasfcn)
CALL trafo%TRANSPOSE(invtrafo)
DO i = 1, hybdat%nbands(nk)
DO j = 1, i - 1
IF (ex%l_real) THEN
ex%data_r(i, j) = ex%data_r(j, i)
ex%data_c(i, j) = conjg(ex%data_c(j, i))
CALL ex%multiply(invtrafo, tmp)
CALL trafo%multiply(tmp, v_x)
CALL timestop("time for performing T^-1*mat_ex*T^-1*")
call timestart("symmetrizeh")
CALL symmetrizeh(atoms, kpts%bkf(:, nk), jsp, lapw, sym, hybdat%kveclo_eig, cell, nsymop, psym, v_x)
call timestop("symmetrizeh")
CALL write_v_x(v_x, kpts%nkpt*(jsp - 1) + nk)
end subroutine ex_to_vx
end module
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