Commit 7e8462cb authored by Gregor Michalicek's avatar Gregor Michalicek

Corrected small layout issue in inp file

parent b89d97de
......@@ -470,7 +470,7 @@
IF( l_hyb ) THEN
WRITE (iofile,FMT=9999) product(nkpt3),nkpt3,l_gamma
ELSE IF( (div(1) == 0).OR.(div(2) == 0) ) THEN
WRITE (iofile,'(a5,i5)') 'kpts%nkpt=',kpts%nkpt
WRITE (iofile,'(a5,i5)') 'nkpt=',kpts%nkpt
WRITE (iofile,'(a5,i5,3(a4,i2))') 'nkpt=',kpts%nkpt,',nx=',div(1),&
& ',ny=',div(2),',nz=',div(3)
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