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Commit 7ea5b6c9 authored by Vasily Tseplyaev's avatar Vasily Tseplyaev
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Make xmloutput be compatible with aiida-fleur parser again

parent c558fbfd
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ MODULE m_xmlOutput
CHARACTER(LEN=1000) :: compile_flagsTemp,link_flagsTemp
CHARACTER(LEN=20) :: attributes(7)
CALL startxmloutput("out.xml","FLEURoutput")
CALL startxmloutput("out.xml","fleurOutput")
CALL openXMLElement('programVersion',(/'version'/),(/version_const/))
CALL get_compile_desc(gitdesc,githash,gitbranch,compile_date,compile_user,compile_host,compile_flags,link_flags)
gitdescTemp = gitdesc
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ MODULE m_judft_xmlOutput
INTEGER, SAVE :: maxNumElements
INTEGER, SAVE :: xmlOutputUnit
LOGICAL, SAVE :: xmlOpened = .FALSE.
CHARACTER(len=10) :: maintag
CHARACTER(len=15) :: maintag
CHARACTER(LEN= 40), ALLOCATABLE :: elementList(:)
PUBLIC startXMLOutput, endXMLOutput
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