Commit 82d6a296 authored by Henning Janssen's avatar Henning Janssen

Something seems to be broken with the mixing routines with LDA+U, ugly workaround for now

parent 215f278d
......@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ contains
CALL timestart("Reading of distances")
CALL mixvector_init(mpi%mpi_comm,l_densitymatrix,oneD,input,vacuum,noco,sym,stars,cell,sphhar,atoms)
CALL mixvector_init(mpi%mpi_comm,.FALSE.,oneD,input,vacuum,noco,sym,stars,cell,sphhar,atoms)
CALL mixing_history_open(mpi,input%maxiter)
......@@ -146,15 +146,17 @@ contains
IF (ALLOCATED(inDen%vacz)) inden%vacz=0.0
IF (ALLOCATED(inDen%vacxy)) inden%vacxy=0.0
IF (ALLOCATED(inDen%mmpMat).AND.l_densitymatrix) inden%mmpMat(:,:,1:atoms%n_u,:)=0.0
IF (ALLOCATED(inDen%mmpMat).AND..FALSE.) inden%mmpMat(:,:,1:atoms%n_u,:)=0.0
CALL sm(it)%to_density(inDen)
IF (atoms%n_u>0.AND..NOT.l_densitymatrix.AND..NOT.input%ldaulinmix) THEN
IF (atoms%n_u>0.AND..NOT.input%ldaulinmix) THEN
!No density matrix was present
!but is now created...
IF(.NOT.l_densitymatrix) THEN
CALL mixing_history_reset(mpi)
CALL mixvector_reset()
IF(atoms%n_hia>0) THEN
!For LDA+HIA we don't use any mixing of the density matrices we just pass it on
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