Commit 842d29fd authored by Gregor Michalicek's avatar Gregor Michalicek
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Set kpts%posScale to 1 after using it in io/r_inpXML.F90

This corrects the output of this variable in out.xml.
parent c7c3391b
......@@ -1836,10 +1836,10 @@ SUBROUTINE r_inpXML(&
sumWeight = sumWeight + kpts%weight(i)
kpts%bk(:,i) = kpts%bk(:,i) / kpts%posScale
kpts%posScale = 1.0
DO i = 1, kpts%nkpt
kpts%weight(i) = kpts%weight(i) / sumWeight
kpts%wtkpt(i) = kpts%weight(i)
WRITE(*,'(i0,4f12.6)') i, kpts%bk(1,i), kpts%bk(2,i), kpts%bk(3,i), kpts%weight(i)
! Generate missing general parameters
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