Commit 86cfc64c authored by Gregor Michalicek's avatar Gregor Michalicek

Add missing initialization of nbasfcn in rdmft/rdmft.F90

...and throw out misplaced dellocation of some arrays.
parent 8c03d02b
......@@ -497,9 +497,6 @@ SUBROUTINE rdmft(eig_id,mpi,fi,enpara,stars,&
IF(ALLOCATED(hybdat%pntgptd)) DEALLOCATE (hybdat%pntgptd)
IF(ALLOCATED(hybdat%pntgpt)) DEALLOCATE (hybdat%pntgpt)
IF(ALLOCATED(hybdat%prodm)) DEALLOCATE (hybdat%prodm)
call mpdata%free()
IF(ALLOCATED(hybdat%nindxp1)) DEALLOCATE (hybdat%nindxp1)
results%neig(:,:) = neigTemp(:,:)
......@@ -514,6 +511,13 @@ SUBROUTINE rdmft(eig_id,mpi,fi,enpara,stars,&
CALL lapw%init(fi%input,fi%noco,nococonv,fi%kpts,fi%atoms,fi%sym,ikpt,fi%cell,l_zref)
nbasfcn = 0
IF(fi%noco%l_noco) then
nbasfcn = lapw%nv(1) + lapw%nv(2) + 2*fi%atoms%nlotot
nbasfcn = lapw%nv(1) + fi%atoms%nlotot
parent = 0
CALL zMat%init(olap%l_real,nbasfcn,fi%input%neig)
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