Commit 87faf829 authored by Uliana Alekseeva's avatar Uliana Alekseeva

removed the allocatable attribute of the intent(in) variable vz

parent 81b8e395
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ CONTAINS
COMPLEX, INTENT (IN) :: vxy(:,:,:,:) !(vacuum%nmzxyd,stars%ng2-1,nvac,:)
COMPLEX, INTENT (OUT):: tddv(:,:),tduv(:,:)!(lapw%dim_nv2d(),lapw%dim_nv2d())
COMPLEX, INTENT (OUT):: tudv(:,:),tuuv(:,:)!(lapw%dim_nv2d(),lapw%dim_nv2d())
REAL,ALLOCATABLE,INTENT (IN) :: vz(:,:,:) !(vacuum%nmzd,2,4) ,
REAL, INTENT (IN) :: vz(:,:,:) !(vacuum%nmzd,2,4) ,
REAL, INTENT (IN) :: evac(:,:)!(2,input%jspins)
REAL, INTENT (IN) :: bkpt(3)
REAL, INTENT (OUT):: udz(:,:),uz(:,:)!(lapw%dim_nv2d(),input%jspins)
......@@ -72,9 +72,9 @@ CONTAINS
v(3) = 0.0
ev = evac(ivac,jspin) - 0.5*dot_product(v,matmul(v,cell%bbmat))
vzero = vz(vacuum%nmzd,ivac,jspin)
CALL vacuz(ev,vz(1,ivac,jspin),vzero,vacuum%nmz,vacuum%delz,&
CALL vacuz(ev,vz(1:,ivac,jspin),vzero,vacuum%nmz,vacuum%delz,&
CALL vacudz(ev,vz(1,ivac,jspin),vzero,vacuum%nmz,vacuum%delz,&
CALL vacudz(ev,vz(1:,ivac,jspin),vzero,vacuum%nmz,vacuum%delz,&
!---> make sure the solutions satisfy the wronksian
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