Commit 8cbe3b01 authored by Daniel Wortmann's avatar Daniel Wortmann
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Bugfix in calculation of orbital moments with SOC+LO

parent 1621aa59
......@@ -754,7 +754,7 @@ CONTAINS
IF (noco%l_soc) THEN
CALL orbmom(atoms,noccbd, we,acof(:,0:,:,ispin),bcof(:,0:,:,ispin),&
ccof(-atoms%llod:,:,:,:,ispin), orb(0:,-atoms%lmaxd:,:,ispin),orbl(:,-atoms%llod:,:,ispin),&
orblo(:,:,-atoms%llod,:,ispin) )
orblo(:,:,-atoms%llod:,:,ispin) )
! -soc
!---> non-spherical m.t. density
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