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......@@ -167,7 +167,7 @@ contains
! if( abs( real( psq(1) ) ) * cell%omtil < 0.01 ) vCoul%pw(1,ispin) = 0.0
! there is a better option now using qfix in mix
vCoul%pw(1,ispin) = cmplx(-2.0,0.0) ! that's my line
vCoul%pw(1,ispin) = cmplx(0.0,0.0) ! that's my line
write (*,*) "shifting vtot by", vCoul%pw(1,ispin)
vCoul%pw(2:stars%ng3,ispin) = fpi_const * psq(2:stars%ng3) / stars%sk3(2:stars%ng3) ** 2
end if
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ CONTAINS
IF (noco%l_mtnocoPot) CALL rotate_mt_den_from_local(atoms,sphhar,sym,denRot,vtot)
write (*,*) "Set vTot to zero"
write (*,*) "Set vTot to zero in vgen_finalize()"
vTot%pw_w = 0.0
vTot%pw = 0.0
......@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ CONTAINS
vTot_pw_norm(i,js)=vTot%pw(i,js) / stars%nstr(i)
write (*,*) "set vtot = 0 again"
write (*,*) "set vtot = 0 again in vis_xc"
vTot_pw_norm = 0.0
vTot%pw = 0.0
vTot%pw_w = 0.0
......@@ -161,17 +161,6 @@ CONTAINS
SUBROUTINE calc_kinED_pw(dim_idx, eig_id, mpi,kpts,jspin,noco,input,banddos,cell,atoms,enpara,stars,&
! This is the FLEUR valence density generator
!******** ABBREVIATIONS *************************************************************
! noccbd : number of occupied bands
! pallst : if set to .true. bands above the Fermi-Energy are taken into account
! ener : band energy averaged over all bands and k-points,
! wheighted with the l-like charge of each atom type
! sqal : l-like charge of each atom type. sum over all k-points and bands
USE m_types
USE m_eig66_io
USE m_genMTBasis
......@@ -257,10 +246,8 @@ CONTAINS
TYPE (t_potden) :: kinED_comp(3)
TYPE (t_gVacMap) :: gVacMap
CALL timestart("cdnval")
l_real = sym%invs.AND.(.NOT.noco%l_soc).AND.(.NOT.noco%l_noco)
l_dosNdir = banddos%dos.AND.(banddos%ndir.EQ.-3)
l_dosNdir = banddos%dos.AND.(banddos%ndir == -3)
IF (noco%l_mperp) THEN
! when the off-diag. part of the desinsity matrix, i.e. m_x and
......@@ -291,23 +278,6 @@ CONTAINS
IF (l_dosNdir.AND.oneD%odi%d1) CALL juDFT_error("layer-resolved feature does not work with 1D",calledby ="cdnval")
IF (banddos%l_mcd.AND..NOT.PRESENT(mcd)) CALL juDFT_error("mcd is missing",calledby ="cdnval")
! calculation of core spectra (EELS) initializations -start-
!l_coreSpec = .FALSE.
!IF (PRESENT(coreSpecInput)) THEN
!CALL corespec_init(input,atoms,coreSpecInput)
!IF(l_cs.AND.(mpi%isize.NE.1)) CALL juDFT_error('EELS + MPI not implemented', calledby = 'cdnval')
!IF(l_cs.AND.jspin.EQ.1) CALL corespec_gaunt()
!l_coreSpec = l_cs
! calculation of core spectra (EELS) initializations -end-
!IF (mpi%irank==0) THEN
!WRITE (6,FMT=8000) jspin
!WRITE (16,FMT=8000) jspin
!CALL openXMLElementPoly('mtCharges',(/'spin'/),(/jspin/))
8000 FORMAT (/,/,10x,'valence density: spin=',i2)
DO iType = 1, atoms%ntype
DO ispin = jsp_start, jsp_end
CALL genMTBasis(atoms,enpara,vTot,mpi,iType,ispin,usdus,f(:,:,0:,ispin),g(:,:,0:,ispin),flo(:,:,:,ispin))
......@@ -327,7 +297,7 @@ CONTAINS
DO ikpt = cdnvalJob%ikptStart, cdnvalJob%nkptExtended, cdnvalJob%ikptIncrement
IF (ikpt.GT.kpts%nkpt) THEN
IF (ikpt > kpts%nkpt) THEN
#ifdef CPP_MPI
CALL MPI_BARRIER(mpi%mpi_comm,iErr) ! Synchronizes the RMA operations
......@@ -362,61 +332,11 @@ CONTAINS
CALL gVacMap%init(dimension,sym,atoms,vacuum,stars,lapw,input,cell,kpts,enpara,vTot,ikpt,jspin)
! valence density in the interstitial and vacuum region has to be called only once (if jspin=1) in the non-collinear case
IF (.NOT.((jspin.EQ.2).AND.noco%l_noco)) THEN
IF (.NOT.((jspin == 2).AND.noco%l_noco)) THEN
! valence density in the interstitial region
CALL pwden(stars,kpts,banddos,oneD,input,mpi,noco,cell,atoms,sym,ikpt,&
! charge of each valence state in this k-point of the SBZ in the layer interstitial region of the film
!IF (l_dosNdir.AND.PRESENT(slab)) CALL q_int_sl(jspin,ikpt,stars,atoms,sym,cell,noccbd,lapw,slab,oneD,zMat)
!! valence density in the vacuum region
!IF (input%film) THEN
!CALL vacden(vacuum,dimension,stars,oneD, kpts,input,sym,cell,atoms,noco,banddos,&
! valence density in the atomic spheres
!CALL eigVecCoeffs%init(input,DIMENSION,atoms,noco,jspin,noccbd)
!DO ispin = jsp_start, jsp_end
!IF (input%l_f) CALL force%init2(noccbd,input,atoms)
!CALL abcof(input,atoms,sym,cell,lapw,noccbd,usdus,noco,ispin,oneD,&
!IF (atoms%n_u.GT.0) CALL n_mat(atoms,sym,noccbd,usdus,ispin,we,eigVecCoeffs,kinED%mmpMat(:,:,:,jspin))
!! perform Brillouin zone integration and summation over the
!! bands in order to determine the energy parameters for each atom and angular momentum
!CALL eparas(ispin,atoms,noccbd,mpi,ikpt,noccbd,we,eig,&
!IF (noco%l_mperp.AND.(ispin==jsp_end)) THEN
!CALL qal_21(dimension,atoms,input,noccbd,noco,eigVecCoeffs,denCoeffsOffdiag,ikpt,dos)
!! layer charge of each valence state in this k-point of the SBZ from the mt-sphere region of the film
!IF (l_dosNdir) THEN
!IF (PRESENT(slab)) CALL q_mt_sl(ispin,atoms,noccbd,ikpt,noccbd,skip_t,noccbd,eigVecCoeffs,usdus,slab)
!INQUIRE (file='orbcomprot',exist=l_orbcomprot)
!IF (l_orbcomprot) CALL abcrot2(atoms,noccbd,eigVecCoeffs,ispin) ! rotate ab-coeffs
!IF (PRESENT(orbcomp)) CALL orb_comp(ispin,ikpt,noccbd,atoms,noccbd,usdus,eigVecCoeffs,orbcomp)
!CALL calcDenCoeffs(atoms,sphhar,sym,we,noccbd,eigVecCoeffs,ispin,denCoeffs)
!IF (noco%l_soc) CALL orbmom(atoms,noccbd,we,ispin,eigVecCoeffs,orb)
!IF (input%l_f) CALL force%addContribsA21A12(input,atoms,dimension,sym,cell,oneD,enpara,&
!IF(l_coreSpec) CALL corespec_dos(atoms,usdus,ispin,dimension%lmd,kpts%nkpt,ikpt,dimension%neigd,&
!END DO ! end loop over ispin
!IF (noco%l_mperp) CALL denCoeffsOffdiag%calcCoefficients(atoms,sphhar,sym,eigVecCoeffs,we,noccbd)
!IF ((banddos%dos.OR.banddos%vacdos.OR.input%cdinf).AND.(banddos%ndir.GT.0)) THEN
!! since z is no longer an argument of cdninf sympsi has to be called here!
!CALL sympsi(lapw,jspin,sym,dimension,nbands,cell,eig,noco,dos%ksym(:,ikpt,jspin),dos%jsym(:,ikpt,jspin),zMat)
END DO ! end of k-point loop
#ifdef CPP_MPI
......@@ -425,23 +345,6 @@ CONTAINS
!IF (mpi%irank==0) THEN
!CALL cdnmt(mpi, input%jspins,atoms,sphhar,noco,jsp_start,jsp_end,&
!IF (l_coreSpec) CALL corespec_ddscs(jspin,input%jspins)
!DO ispin = jsp_start,jsp_end
!IF (input%cdinf) THEN
!WRITE (6,FMT=8210) ispin
!8210 FORMAT (/,5x,'check continuity of cdn for spin=',i2)
!CALL checkDOPAll(input,dimension,sphhar,stars,atoms,sym,vacuum,oneD,cell,kinED,ispin)
!IF (input%l_f) CALL force_a8(input,atoms,sphhar,ispin,vTot%mt(:,:,:,ispin),kinED%mt,force,results)
!CALL closeXMLElement('mtCharges')
CALL timestop("cdnval")
subroutine set_zPrime(dim_idx, zMat, kpt, lapw, cell, zPrime)
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