Commit 9dcd2be8 authored by Gregor Michalicek's avatar Gregor Michalicek

Enabled writing of Fermi energy into out.xml

parent 67a8953b
......@@ -228,7 +228,12 @@ CONTAINS
results%seigscv = results%seigsc + results%seigv
DEALLOCATE ( idxeig,idxjsp,idxkpt,index,e,eig,we )
attributes = ''
WRITE(attributes(1),'(f20.10)'), results%ef
WRITE(attributes(2),'(a)'), 'htr'
IF (mpi%irank.EQ.0) CALL writeXMLElement('FermiEnergy',(/'value','units'/),attributes(1:2))
8020 FORMAT (/,'FERMIE:',/,&
& 10x,'first approx. to ef (T=0) :',f10.6,' htr',&
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