Commit 9efdf49c authored by Daniel Wortmann's avatar Daniel Wortmann
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Bugfixes for vmatgen and types_potden.

The convolution with the step function has been removed from vmatgen as this
is done in vgen already.
parent fd76f64a
......@@ -81,10 +81,10 @@ CONTAINS
IF(ALLOCATED(pd%cdomvz)) DEALLOCATE (pd%cdomvz)
IF(ALLOCATED(pd%cdomvxy)) DEALLOCATE (pd%cdomvxy)
IF(ALLOCATED(pd%mmpMat)) DEALLOCATE (pd%mmpMat)
ALLOCATE (pd%pw(ng3,jsp),stat=err(1))
ALLOCATE (pd%pw(ng3,MERGE(3,jsp,nocoExtraDim)),stat=err(1))
ALLOCATE (pd%mt(jmtd,0:nlhd,ntype,jsp),stat=err(2))
ALLOCATE (pd%vacz(nmzd,2,MERGE(4,jsp,nocoExtraDim)),stat=err(3))
ALLOCATE (pd%vacxy(nmzxyd,n2d-1,2,jsp),stat=err(4))
ALLOCATE (pd%vacxy(nmzxyd,n2d-1,2,MERGE(3,jsp,nocoExtraDim)),stat=err(4))
IF (l_noco) THEN
ALLOCATE (pd%cdom(ng3))
ALLOCATE (pd%cdomvz(nmzd,2))
......@@ -94,10 +94,6 @@ CONTAINS
vis(imeshpt,3) = beff*SIN(theta)*COS(phi)
!---> and the imaginary part of V_21
vis(imeshpt,4) = beff*SIN(theta)*SIN(phi)
PRINT *,"TODO: check if convolution with step-function is needed in vmatgen"
DO ipot = 1,4
vis(imeshpt,ipot) = vis(imeshpt,ipot) * stars%ufft(imeshpt)
!---> Fouriertransform the matrix potential back to reciprocal space
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