Commit a00a5d6c authored by Robin Hilgers's avatar Robin Hilgers

Correction of whitespaces in inp.xml

parent ea2f2934
......@@ -680,7 +680,7 @@ SUBROUTINE w_inpXML(&
WRITE (fileNum,395) banddos%unfoldband, banddos%s_cell_x, banddos%s_cell_y, banddos%s_cell_z
! <plotting iplot="0" score="F" plplot="F"/>
400 FORMAT(' <plotting iplot="',i5,'" score="',l1,'" plplot="',l1,'"/>')
400 FORMAT(' <plotting iplot="',i0,'" score="',l1,'" plplot="',l1,'"/>')
WRITE (fileNum,400) sliceplot%iplot,input%score,sliceplot%plpot
! <chargeDensitySlicing numkpt="0" minEigenval="0.000000" maxEigenval="0.000000" nnne="0" pallst="F"/>
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