Commit a2458a0a authored by Henning Janssen's avatar Henning Janssen
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Bugfix for HDF io in stden

parent 77d0ceee
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ SUBROUTINE stden(mpi,sphhar,stars,atoms,sym,DIMENSION,vacuum,&
REAL d,del,fix,h,r,rnot,z,bm,qdel,va
REAL denz1(1,1),vacxpot(1,1),vacpot(1,1)
INTEGER i,ivac,iza,j,jr,k,n,n1,ispin
INTEGER nw,ilo,natot,nat
INTEGER nw,ilo,natot,nat,archiveType
! Local Arrays
REAL, ALLOCATABLE :: vbar(:,:)
......@@ -208,9 +208,11 @@ SUBROUTINE stden(mpi,sphhar,stars,atoms,sym,DIMENSION,vacuum,&
! Write superposed density onto density file
den%iter = 0
CALL writeDensity(stars,vacuum,atoms,cell,sphhar,input,sym,oneD,CDN_ARCHIVE_TYPE_CDN1_const,CDN_INPUT_DEN_const,&
archiveType = CDN_ARCHIVE_TYPE_CDN1_const
IF (noco%l_noco) archiveType = CDN_ARCHIVE_TYPE_NOCO_const
CALL writeDensity(stars,vacuum,atoms,cell,sphhar,input,sym,oneD,archiveType,CDN_INPUT_DEN_const,&
! Check continuity
IF (input%vchk) THEN
DO ispin = 1, input%jspins
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