Commit a58a5813 authored by Gregor Michalicek's avatar Gregor Michalicek
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Broadcast input%qfix in init/postprocessInput.F90

parent ef8b8b87
......@@ -539,6 +539,7 @@ SUBROUTINE postprocessInput(mpi,input,field,sym,stars,atoms,vacuum,obsolete,kpts
END IF !(mpi%irank.EQ.0)
#ifdef CPP_MPI
CALL MPI_BCAST(sliceplot%iplot,1,MPI_LOGICAL,0,mpi%mpi_comm,ierr)
CALL MPI_BCAST(input%qfix,1,MPI_INTEGER,0,mpi%mpi_comm,ierr)
CALL timestart("stepf")
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